Ustadh Ebadur Rahman

Ebad memorized the Qur'an at the age of 15, while a sophomore at Stuyvesant High School. After graduating high school in 2004, Ebad enrolled in Zaytuna Institute's pilot seminary program and studied there with respected scholars Imam Zaid Shakir, Qari Amar Bellaha, Shaykh Abdur Rahman Tahir (God have mercy on him), Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, and Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali. He graduated from seminary in 2008 and then spent another four years completing an undergraduate degree at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, concentrating on Islam in America.

He is currently a PhD candidate in the Religion department at Columbia University, with an interest in Quranic exegesis and scholarly debates within the contemporary American Muslim community.

Sidi Saleh Clemons

Saleh Clemons left the United States in the path of Sacred Knowledge in 2013 and studied the sciences of Arabic and Tajweed with various scholars in Cairo, Egypt. Following studies there for one year, he travelled to Tarim, Yemen to study at the Dar Al-Mustafa Islamic Seminary under Habib Umar and other scholars of Tarim. At Dar Al-Mustafa, Saleh completed a one year intensive in Islamic studies learning various sciences in Theology, Spirituality, Islamic Law, Hadith Methodology, and Da’wah (calling to Allah). He returned back to the United States in late 2015 where he has worked with organizations in creating holistic programs for social and emotional development among children and families in the non-profit sector. Saleh travelled to Tanzania, Africa in 2017 for approximately one year in order to serve as a consultant to a rural village in the Ngorongoro Conservation area of Tanzania. In Tanzania, he applied his religious and secular knowledge in creating a program for personal discovery and development for both Christian and Muslim children and young adults. After living in this village and working with them for one year, Saleh again returned back to the United States and currently resides in New Jersey. Saleh has a bachelors degree in Psychology, and is completing his Masters in Legal Studies with a concentration in Conflict Resolution in Law School at the Washington University in St. Louis.