Sunday School

Community based Sunday school - Coming Soon

This program will be based on traditional Islamic knowledge that is taught by a qualified instructor, and has a chain of narration back to the beloved Prophet ﷺ

These sessions with bring together a holistic approach to learning for the whole community with the emphasis on enriching the family learning experience. However the program is open to all families with/without children, single brothers and sisters, the seniors of our community. The strength of a community is fortified by providing everyone an opportunity to learn at their level.

The aim is to instill the disciplines of learning the sacred tradition, practice what is being taught and serve the community as a whole.

Sunday School Format

  • What: A community based holistic Sunday school
  • When: Sundays 10:30am-2pm
  • Where: TBD

It is encouraged to bring the entire family for this 3.5 hour session. The session will consist of 4 classes, each consisting of 30 minutes. There will be 15 minute breaks in between classes

  • Young Children (Montessori crèche)* - 3-6 yrs
  • Children - 7-12 yrs
  • Youth - 13-18 yrs
  • Adults – 18yrs +

Each class will occur concurrently.

*The young children group will be in a Montessori-method based crèche classroom. Their class will focus primarily on learning manners and practice of age appropriate chores/skills to increase their independence.

Outline of classes:

Class 1 - Seerah Class

This class will be taught to all age groups at their level in separate sessions. It will cover the major aspects of the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) biography and character. Explore his shama’il and noble status. The class with be primarily taught by Shaykh Murabit Benavidez.

Class 2 - Health & Wellness

Nutrition, health and wellness workshops

  • Sisters Yoga
  • Brazilian Jujitsu - Self Defense
  • Basketball​
  • Soccer
  • Archery
  • Camping

Class 3 - Activities

Children - 7-12 yrs - Activity Center

  • Art Therapy
  • Calligraphy workshop
  • Geometry of Islamic design
  • Baking
  • Nasheeds
  • Story time
  • Basic astronomy
  • Moonsighting Club (Kids who maintain the Sunnah by seeking the new moon every month)

Adults – Nutrition / Wellness Workshops with guest speakers

Class 4 – Primarily for youth class

Mentoring / College, Internship Applications / Career Development / Networking / Leadership